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Phil M. Rameau

President, CEO, ARM

In 1988, I was hired by a family-owned, well-established, commercial insurance consulting firm. As an assistant to the senior vice president, I saw first-hand the impact the insurance industry has on every other industry. Major and minor decisions are made with great consideration given to how the insurance industry will respond. I also learned of the many discrepancies in availability, comprehensiveness, and competitiveness based on a variety of uncontrollable variables. Most importantly, I learned that this industry is truly based on established relationships grounded in trust.

In 1992, I formed Mondial Agency. The idea was simple, bring the same level of professionalism, respect, and expertise provided to the larger corporations to all.

I am most proud of the broad range of communities I serve, the long-lasting relationships with insureds that are now allies, with underwriters that are now colleagues with general managing agents that are now partners, all built on mutual trust. To be of service first is a calling.