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About Us

Mondial Agency was founded in 1992 with the express idea of bringing a level of risk management and insurance expertise to all communities. What differentiates us is our focus on key sectors and long-established relationships with key insurers within our field of expertise. With our experience, we truly act as advisors to our clients applying our learned experience to build superior insurance solutions.

The Mission

We’re focused on providing the risk management services you deserve no matter the size of the account. Our team is dedicated to understanding your insurance needs to provide you with a custom-tailored program of insurance that addresses your specific needs.

An Independent Advantage

As an independent insurance agency with access to numerous insurers, we can develop a tailor-made program of insurance to fit your insurance needs. The reality is, not all underwriters or insurers are experts and or focus on certain niche industries. An independent agent is free to select insurers that have expertise and commitment to your class of business. The commitment to you is evidenced by the enhanced coverage forms they provide, the added risk management services provided to your industry along the competitive premiums offered.